Projektart Wohnhaus
Größe 495 m²
Standort Niederbayern, Deutschland
Auftraggeber Privat
Status Fertiggestellt 2020 TeamListe anzeigen
House with Sports hall
The house was designed for a couple of sports aficionados. The volume is embedded in the gentle rolling hill landscape of Lower Bavaria, merging it on one side with the topography while dramatically exposing it on the other side creating an overhang with a shaded terrace underneath. The two programs of dwelling and sports are organized around a courtyard, bringing light down to the bedrooms but also dividing the building into a private and more public zone where the sports hall is used for courses and activities. The whole building is clad in charred timber, a Japanese technique which protects the wood from the elements, insects and making it more fire resistant by closing off the pores via controlled burning.