Projektart Kultur
Größe 25000 m²
Standort Jakarta, Indonesian
Auftraggeber Privat
Status Seit 2019 TeamListe anzeigen
RuBIK – Rumah Budaya Indonesia Kaya
SHAU won the commission for a theatre and concert hall via an invited architecture competition in 2019. The design implements elements of Indonesian culture by structuring the volume into three distinct elements, namely feet, body and head relating to the notion of Nusantara architecture. In addition, this helps with reducing operational energy for air conditioning. Overhangs shade the glass facades underneath during noon and a second skin in front of the lobby and inner atrium which is modelled after a “Pucuk Rebung” pattern found throughout Indonesia greatly reduces solar gains during morning and afternoon hours while giving it a textile like quality. Among other considerations, the design is a blend of cultural representation and climatic performance aspects.