Projektart Kultur, Landschaft
Standort Pangandaran, Indonesien
Auftraggeber Provinz West Java
Status Fertigstellung 2021 TeamListe anzeigen
Alun-alun Paamprokan
A public gathering space was commissioned by Governor Ridwan Kamil for Pangandaran a town and domestic tourist destination at the southern coast of West Java. The area outside of the town will see tremendous development in the future. To safeguard the interest of the local public alun-alun Paamprokan was built. The programme consists of a gathering space, prayer room, playground, restroom, shaded area and viewing tower allowing people to see the sea behind the treeline. In reference to the existing palms and the maritime leisure atmosphere the viewing tower was modelled after diving towers including a “water splash” seating sculpture underneath. The extensive leftover green surface invite for future planting of trees to enhance the microclimate.