Projektart Laden
Größe 1400 m²
Standort Semarang, Indonesia
Auftraggeber Privat
Status Fertigstellung 2021 TeamListe anzeigen
Dipo Muria
Dipo Muria in Semarang, Indonesia, contains a photo studio, a restaurant and cafes and is modelled after an urban Kampung (village) typology found throughout Indonesia. This is more fitting for the low-rise residential neighbourhood and gives the opportunity to arrange the volumes while providing experienceable sequences of in between spaces. The larger façade openings are facing North-South direction and are shaded by overhangs whereas the East-West façade openings are smaller and located behind polycarbonate screens to reduce solar heat gains. The outdoor areas provide ample seating areas. Brazilian fern trees with their slender appearance and filigree leaves underline the minimal character of the assemble and provide additional textures on the facades by casting shadows. Despite budget constraints SHAU achieved an elegant and refined appearance generating an atmosphere more related to cultural architecture rather than commercial one.