Projektart Gottesdienst
Größe 121 m²
Standort Kampung Dunesia
Auftraggeber Robert & Fify Manan
Status Seit 2018 TeamListe anzeigen
Al Manan Mosque
is located in the Bogor regency near Tangerang at Kampung Dunesia. The simple volume on top of a plateau is surrounded by trees on the one side overlooking the landscape and ponds on the other side (towards Mecca). Due to the natural character of the area it was decided to design a more serene building which will be constructed from gabions filled with rocks coming from a close by quarry. Due to the stacking of rough rocks and resulting gaps, the interior will have a coincidental ornamentation of light spots. The plateau with flowing water is a visual connection towards the ponds and due to the circular shape, it can be used for practicing the Tawaf before doing one’s pilgrimage to Mecca.