We aim to design attractive buildings and cities which are socially and environmentally responsible.

SHAU was established in 2008 as two independent offices in Rotterdam and Munich and serves as common platform. Since 2012 SHAU runs also an office in Indonesia, first in Jakarta and currently in Bandung. The individual offices collaborate on a project basis and combine their extensive working experiences in well-established and internationally-recognized architecture firms where they successfully worked on numerous projects on various scales. We can therefore offer a broad scope of services ranging from urban to architectural project commissions. SHAU is mostly interested in delivering outstanding design solutions while embedding societal as well as environmental concepts in the design process.
To support this we can tap into our vast network of professionals and academics from different disciplines and institutes. SHAU collaborates with renowned offices such as KCAP in Rotterdam, URBANE, andramatin and mamostudio in Jakarta, stba in Karlsruhe, as well as universities and governmental institutions worldwide. SHAU actively engages itself with international exhibition curatorial, project commissions, writing, lectures, debates and international design competitions.


Florian Heinzelmann Dipl.-Ing. (FH), M.Arch.
studied Architecture in München and did his postgraduate degree at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. He worked for three years for UNStudio as Project Architect where he was responsible for the design of the
Center for Virtual Engineering. He is currently doing his PhD at the Chair for Innovative Structural Design (ISD) at TU Eindhoven with Patrick Teuffel and was Project Manager of the TU Delft Solar Decathlon 2012 entry. Florian and Daliana run together the SHAU office in Rotterdam.

Daliana Suryawinata B.Sc., M.Arch.
studied Architecture in Jakarta Indonesia and did her postgraduate degree at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. She worked and freelanced for OMA, West8 and MVRDV. She is currently doing her PhD in urbanism at
the Why Factory TU Delft with Winy Maas. Daliana is furthermore chief officer Indonesian Institute of Architects EU chapter. Daliana and Florian run together the SHAU office in Rotterdam.

Tobias Hofmann Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
studied Architecture in München. He worked several years for
Peter Haimerl as Project Architect where he was also responsible for the design and execution of the Salvator Garage. He is currently working as Project Architect with emphasis on construction supervision. Since 2016 he runs his office in Passau.

The offices

SHAU Netherlands
Florian Heinzelmann & Daliana Suryawinata

SHAU Germany
Tobias Hofmann

SHAU Indonesia
Daliana Suryawinata & Florian Heinzelmann

Awards and Achievements 

2013 Presidential Mention in the Opening Speech of the 2nd Congress of Indonesian Diaspora

2013 Endorsement for Kota Tua Creative Festival from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Governor of Jakarta

2013 Special Commission from Jokowi-Ahok for Muara Angke Vertical Kampung

2013 Commissioner for Indonesian Pavilion for the Venice Biennale 2014

2012 Second Prize Visioning Jakarta 2045

2012 Indonesian Diaspora Award for Innovation

2012 Archinesia Award for Architectural Exhibitions

2012 "Open City Batam" Exhibition at the 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

2011 Workshop at Institute of Housing Studies, Rotterdam

2011 Selection for Solar Decathlon

2011 Recipient of the Open Appeal Grant from Stimuleringsfonds voor architectuur for "Social Mall Jakarta"

2011 Recipient of the International Project Grant from Stimuleringsfonds voor architectuur for "Open City Batam"

2011 Open City Workshop in Batam

2011 Jury for the National IAI (Indonesian Institute of Architects) Award

2010 Recipient of the International Project Grant from Stimuleringsfonds voor architectuur for "Open City Jakarta"

2010 Second Prize Velux Award

2010 Open City Exhibition in Bali

2010 Open City Exhibition and Pavilion in Jakarta

2010 Finalist Smart Material House competition, IBA Hamburg

2009 Fourth Prize Pedestrian Guiding & Roofing System competition, Wolfsburg

2009 Exhibition and curatorial work at the 4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

2008 First Prize St. Francis Chapel competition in Attaching, Freising

2007 Finalist Europan 9, Almere

2006 Exhibition of the Berlage Institute at the Venice International Architecture Biennale

2005 Honorable Mention FAR8 competition

2005 Exhibition of the Berlage Institute at the 2nd International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

2003 Honorable Mention Award from the City of Munich (Preis der Landeshauptstadt München)

2003 Award for entablature, homepage design

2003 Award for best thesis worldwide, International Archiprix

2001 Winner Jakarta Art Center competition (jury: Antoine Predock), Jakarta


2014 Kota Tua Creative Festival, Jakarta

2012 Galeri Nasional, Jakarta

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Erasmus Huis, Jakarta

2012 Jakarta Architecture Triennale

2012 Pasar Malam, The Hague

2011 Jakarat art Biennale

2011 Jongarsitek! Jakarta

2011 Indonesian Creative Productions Week, Jakarta

2010 World Town Planning Day, Bali

2005, 2009, 2012 International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

2006, 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale

2005, 2006 Berlage Institute Rotterdam

2004, International Archiprix, Genoa


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